Update: Are you looking for new, interesting small group travel itineraries for women? Then Adventure Women may be just the ticket! They still have availability on a few 2019 tours like their hiking tours of Spain’s El Camino de Santiago and the Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah, as well as their Baja ‘Day of the Dead’ Glamping and Snorkeling tour in Baja California (Mexico). The Adventure Women website offers in-depth tour information that includes detailed lists of what to pack and the tour intro clearly indicates the activity level required for each tour: high energy, active, challenging, moderate.

Be warned, an over-generalization statement is coming: Women tend to be more group-oriented in their activities than men. Sorry, guys, for the most part, it seems true. This ‘coming together’ trend is spreading quickly through women’s travel. Women, often solo women, are coming together and traveling for cultural experiences.

There’s an ever-increasing interest in cultural travel. It’s happening in the 20- and 30-somethings who are finding ways to make a living while on-the-road. Then on the other end, we’re seeing cultural travel growing in the retired demographic. Both sets are looking to explore the lesser-known, going to places where they can experience new foods, unusual sights and participate in new activities.

However, to make these cultural treks alone can be daunting. Enter the era of women’s group travel. There are the newer groups and the established groups. There are the ones that require no membership and those that ask for a $ commitment. Here’s a list of  well-known women’s travel groups.

Membership travel groups:

Some women prefer travel groups that require a membership commitment. Those groups make you feel secure in that you’ll get to see and know familiar faces on tour or correspond with them before embarking on your adventure together. A few  membership groups include:

Women Traveling Together – created in 1997, this company requires a one year membership at $45 US. Their tours include Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, China, Egypt, Antarctica.

Women Welcome Women World Wide (or 5W) started out as a mostly UK group in 1984 but has spread to welcoming women worldwide to travel with them. To access their newsletters and local group lists, you must be a member. To become a member, they require a membership donation of £37 or equivalent in your currency. They offer tours to Australia, Japan and Russia.

Non-membership travel groups:

Non-membership groups are perfect for those who are concerned that membership groups are somewhat ‘clique-ish’. They’re also a good choice if you’d prefer to toggle between a number of women’s travel groups.

Venus Adventures promotes ‘women’s holidays to fascinating destinations’. Their group sizes span from 5 to 12 women. They tour to Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Cambodia, Africa, Morocco.

Wild Women Expeditions – For the active woman, this group has offered women’s outdoor adventures for 27 years. Their destinations include Mongolia, Nepal, Chile and Peru. A current offering includes a group walk of the final 118 km along the El Camino trail from Santiago to Muxía and then on to the coastline.

Today’s Woman Traveller is a small group women’s travel company that has specialized in women’s tours since 2002. Tours are priced in Canadian $ so there’s a 20-25% discount when paying in U.S. $. New tours are constantly added and typically include Vietnam, Cambodia, Africa, Galapagos, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, France, and Thailand. Full disclosure – I know TWT well having worked with them and I also traveled with them to Italy.

Women-centric travel options continue to grow so now there’s no reason to stay home. Get out there and discover the sights and cultures of this amazing world.

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*Note: None of the companies or products listed here have contacted us, paid or requested we mention them. All references are entirely the result of Opptee travel searches.*

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