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  1. Opptee is the fastest app to use for comparing travel prices. Opptee speeds-up searches by automatically inserting your trip dates and destination into the the search sites YOU choose.  Just enter your information once, quickly search the sites you care about and compare prices.
  2. Opptee provides easy access to the largest number of the most popular travel search sites. No need to download multiple travel apps. Choose your favorites to search from all within the Opptee app.
  3. Opptee continues to add the newest and best travel search sites introducing you to search options you may not have heard of or tried before.
  4. With Opptee, your bookings are done directly with the provider you choose, allowing you to continue to accumulate and use your existing travel  reward points (like Expedia, United Air, Hilton).  No need to sign-up for another account.
  5. Using a Windows computer, Apple iPad or Android tablet, Opptee shows a side-by-side dual screen comparison of your searches, allowing for easy comparison.

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