The ever-growing interest in combining business trips with personal trips is so common that it’s spawned its own category: bleisure travel. And according to Skift’s 10 Business Travel Trends for 2019, ‘mixing business and leisure is here to stay.” It makes good sense for both the company and for you. The Skift report goes on to say “that 90 percent of respondents see traveling as a job perk, and 80 percent “feel more excited about their job after traveling.” So should you turn a business trip into a family bleisure trip?

If your business takes you to a place that you’d like to share with your partner and children, why not bring your family along for the ride? The savings can be substantial and the family fun could make you a real hero/heroine with the kids.

Cost savings add up

The cost savings will definitely add up. For instance:

  • Your flight is paid for by the company so that cuts down on one major expense for one person
  • Accommodations are paid for by your company, so it makes sense to bunk your wife and children with you or pay an extra fee for a multi-room suite.
  • Your company pays for your transfers between hotel and airport for both arrival and departure, so there is another saving.
  • And finally, during the business part of your trip, your meals are paid for so it’s just a matter of tacking on additional food costs for other family members.

Top bleisure locations

It might be that not every city appeals to the entire family, but there are several international and many U.S. based cities that appeal to most everyone. According to, the top places to combine business and leisure are Barcelona, Nice, Lisbon, and Istanbul. In the United States, top choices include Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas. To view other popular places to take your family as well as recommended restaurants and hotels, take a look at Travel Babbo’s Top Spots for families.

Use layovers to see even more

Your bleisure trip may even inspire you to consider an extended layover. If your children are older, all of you may enjoy a long layover that includes a city tour. A growing number of airports are offering access to city tours between flights. These options are available at Taipei, Singapore, Salt Lake City, Istanbul, Tokyo, Seoul, and Doha if flying Qatar Air. One interesting option is at Amsterdam airport – if flying KLM and you have 6+ hours to spare, sign up for their ‘Layover with a Local” program where you fill out a questionnaire about your interests (fashion, food, sites, children’s interests, etc) and KLM pairs you with an English-speaking local. CN Traveler gives more detail about these layover options.

Bleisure in London, UK

One of my best business trips was a bleisure trip that my husband came along with me on. The company I worked for at that time enabled employees to fly business class if the flight was over five hours. If we opted to forego a business class flight, we could receive the price difference in cash. The cash difference was enough for my husband to travel economy with me to London.

He came along and we stayed in a small but ample room in central London. While I went off to work at the trade event, my husband bought a multi-day London Tube pass and enjoyed exploring the city. As a bonus, my manager offered to treat my husband and me to a special dinner insisting that we dine at The Dorchester Hotel: one of the high-end hotels frequented by the royals and celebrities. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and it was a dinner and a trip that we’ll both always remember. The added bonus? The experience was inexpensive for us.

Planning your bleisure trip

Finding the best hotels, flights or rental cars that suit the family may be time-consuming. The fastest way to search for best options is by using Opptee Travel Search. Opptee simplifies your search, listing the most popular travel sites conveniently within one app. All you need do is enter travel details once and those details are transferred across to every site you search within Opptee – whether it’s flights, hotels or car rentals.

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Just do it

Bleisure travel is a smart idea. Whether for cost savings or for shared experiences, it’s a trend that will make both you and your family happy that you work at a place that enables you to travel. Should you turn a business trip into a family bleisure trip? For sure!

*Note: None of the companies or products listed here have contacted us, paid or requested we mention them. All references are entirely the result of Opptee travel research.

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