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Comprised of a team of tech-savvy and price-conscious travelers, we set out to create an app that would make our lives easier. Aside from downloading and installing more travel apps than our devices could handle, we believed that too much of our time was being devoured by searching online travel search sites.

We realized that by searching more sites, experimenting with different configurations and comparing our findings, we could actually find better options than using any single app.

Opptee was developed out of our desire to improve the experience of searching for travel.

We also learned that many of the large travel consolidators present search results in the order of how much they are getting paid to show them.  This is called something like “pay for positioning”.  While we can’t stop those sites from trying to manipulate in this way, we want to ensure that the user can check other options easily: we make it easy to check more sites to help find the best deals and the best options!

Our goal is simple in design; we want to provide a great service – we’re consumers and we believe that consumers should have all the information that they need for the best purchase and life decisions!

Whether you are shopping for the best price, best available travel dates or your favorite hotel chain, trust Opptee (and us!) to help you find your very best travel options.

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