How to use Opptee Travel Search for Android and iPhones

The Home Screen

Select from flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises or complete vacation packages.


Input Screen

Enter your departure, destination, number of passengers and preferred travel dates.


Select Search Providers

Choose which sites you’d like to search.  Most recent choices will be highlighted in white at the top of screen.


Add More Sites

Click  “+ add sites” to add more search choices, and “Results” to view the results of each individual search provider.


Swipe Left 

Now that you have selected a few search options, simply swipe left to browse through each of them one at a time, or click the results button at the bottom of the screen.


Book it!

Once you’ve found the best option, click “select” and proceed directly with the provider you’ve chosen. No need to create another account.  

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How to book a flight using Opptee

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