How Opptee Works

To understand Opptee’s Advantage, you first need to know how it works.  Opptee is unique and searches differently than any other travel search product on the market today. 

The Short Answer

  • Opptee accesses the largest number of the most popular search sites.
  • Opptee searches both aggregators (like Expedia or Skyscanner) AND suppliers (like Hilton/Marriott, or American Air/United Air).
  • You enter your dates and destination ONCE and choose which providers to search. 
  • Opptee does the searching for you and presents the results for you to review.
  • When it comes time to book, you do so directly with the travel provider you’ve chosen.  No need to create yet another account!
  • All from one place. Quickly and easily.  

The Detailed Answer

Opptee is a mega search engine that is user driven, with access to all the major travel search sites as well as direct access to suppliers.

With Opptee:

  • Input travel dates and destination, select a preferred site (Expedia,, Trivago, etc.), click “+ Add Site” and select another preferred site (Hilton, Sheraton, United Airlines, etc).  Repeat for the sites you want to search.
  • Using Opptee is so much easier than opening multiple apps or browser tabs!  
  • Opptee takes your search parameters and pops open a browser window for each site you’ve selected – all within the app.

Without Opptee:

  • You’d open multiple tabs in your browser, find the sites, input travel details for each site, and perform the search. 
  • Or, you’d install multiple apps, launch each one, and input your search criteria multiple times.

Here’s an Example

You’re searching for a hotel for an upcoming vacation or business trip.

Without Opptee:

  • To find good options, you might look at, Expedia, Trivago,, and perhaps AirBnB.
  • To search all 6 requires opening 6 browser windows or apps, finding each of 6 sites, and entering your dates and destination 6 times.
  • To analyse results, you look at 6 individual tabs. 
  • If you want to change dates, you would re-visit each of the 6 sites or apps, re-enter your dates 6 times and perform the search again on the 6 sites.

With Opptee:

  • You enter your travel dates and destination ONCE.
  • Pick your preferred search providers using “+ Add Site” and click “Go”.

Why does Opptee make you choose which sites to search? That’s because Opptee offers extensive search choices; 99+ aggregators and suppliers. Imagine the complexity of opening 99 browser windows and performing 99 searches simultaneously. Even devices with high processing capacities have difficulty managing that task.  

  • Opptee executes the search on as many sites as you wish to compare.
  • Your searches may take place over days or weeks, comparing dates and travel destinations to find the best value. Opptee saves all searches in History making it easy to re-check prices when it’s time to book. 

Opptee’s wide-ranging options ensure your search for the best deal is comprehensive and leaves no stone un-turned!

The Opptee Advantage

A travel search that examines multiple sites is time consuming but important!

The more sites you search, the better deals you’ll find. 

No other travel search on the market today offers complete access to both aggregators and suppliers!

Opptee makes comparison shopping quicker, easier and more complete.


More Choices + Quicker Searches = Best Deals

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