There has never been a better time to comparison shop for flights… because there has never been such an abundance of online travel search choices. Aggregators and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as Expedia, Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Kayak are just a few sites that can be checked to comparison shop for travel choices. Of these and others, you likely have favorites with travel search features you like. The reality is that in most cases, only a few may have ‘best’ options.

If you’re serious about finding the best options, it’s worth checking at least 3 aggregators or OTAs. Once you find routes that you like, search that airline’s site directly for recently added specials.  Also remember, there are sites like Southwest Air, that rarely show up on aggregator sites so it’s a good idea to add them to your regular airline checklist.

To help decide which travel sites you like best, here are a few with a quick-list of their useful or unique travel search features.


  • Automatically shows their lowest fares in an easy to read bar chart at top of the page
  • The Flight Insight button lists factors affecting the price for your flight
  • Includes small, budget airlines like Flyscoot and Southwest Air
  • Momondo Places provides offline city guide maps with locals’ tips


  • Shows their lowest fares when you “search everywhere”
  • The Daily Deals page is updated daily and includes deals on domestic and international flights
  • Searches cheapest months
  • If you know the destination and are on a flexible schedule, search the whole month for best fares. This is also a good way to find error fares too.


  • Offers a rewards program where you can earn up to 2 points per dollar and redeem the points for travel or special offers.
  • Saves your searches in a scratchpad for offline access
  • Shows alternate dates for best pricing
  • Offers a price alerts feature

Google Flights

  • Informs if the flight has a track record of being delayed
  • Share feature enables sending the itinerary to someone else or to yourself
  • The Calendar feature shows 1 or more months of prices for that route
  • Enter a suggested flight price in Explore Map to find destinations that fit your budget
  • When you zero in on a specific flight, you receive a slide bar that indicates historically whether this is a low, mid-range or high price for that flight.


  • Good price forecasting – buy now or wait suggestions
  • Tracks price features
  • Sidebar shows quick information including their Cheapest or Highest priced, Quickest or Slowest route, Earliest or Latest take off, Earliest Landing as well as all airlines flying that route.

Flight Network

  • Price Drop Protection offers customers the option of booking early. If the price drops later, Flight Network offers a credit for that amount.
  • Sign up for special promo codes

Search them all – Faster

Knowing the best travel search features of travel sites is helpful but it can be time-consuming to execute using a smartphone or web browser alone. Opptee Travel Search allows you to enter your search parameters once and choose which aggregators and/OTAs you prefer to search, leaving the choice in your hands. OppteeTM is the fastest and most efficient way to search and book your next hotel, flight or vacation. So go ahead – search Momondo, Kayak, Skyscanner, Expedia, Google and Flight Network – but do it faster using Opptee Travel Search!!

*Note: None of the companies or products listed here have contacted us, paid or requested we mention them. All references are entirely the result of Opptee travel research.*

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