airline-searchAs travelers, we know there are dozens of really good travel search sites to use for planning trips. When searching, we download and browse hotel sites, airline sites, cruise sites, car rental sites, vacation package sites and those that include a combination of all, called aggregator sites. Toggling back and forth comparing these is time-consuming and frustrating. Finally, there is a simpler travel search tool.

Opptee™ Travel Search is the most comprehensive search that’s available as a single app running on your mobile device, tablet or Windows PC. It saves time and space downloading multiple travel search apps separately.

With Opptee:

  • Choose Flights and the most popular airlines (United, Delta, Southwest, Allegiant, Jet Blue, etc) and aggregators (Expedia, Momondo, etc) are presented.
  • Click on the Accommodations icon and you’ll see the most popular hotels (Hilton, Marriott, etc), private rentals (, Airbnb, etc), aggregators (Trivago,, etc) and now, due to popular request, even a hostel search option is presented (
  • Select Cruises and choose from the most popular cruise lines (Carnival, Celebrity, Disney, etc) and aggregators (Cruise Critic, Travelocity,, etc).
  • Or choose the Car Rental icon and view a range of car rental companies (Hertz, Avis, etc), as well as aggregators such as and 

This one super travel search gives the option of browsing dozens of travel sites that YOU choose – all from one app.

Why use Opptee?

Though the wide selection is a great reason to use Opptee, there are also other reasons:

  • Enter your dates and destination ONCE and Opptee auto-populates your details across all search selections. Quick and easy!  No need to enter your dates into multiple sites.
  • Opptee continues to add the newest and best travel searches. No need to find them yourself. You may discover a new search site you didn’t know existed. A site you aren’t familiar with may have the best deal, especially if you are traveling to a “new” region such as Europe or Asia.
  • The more you search, the better prices you’ll uncover. Opptee optimizes your time by enabling the most thorough AND fastest search within one app, saving time and frustration.
  • Search providers are presented impartially, in alphabetical order.  No preferential treatment is given to one versus the other.
  • With Opptee, you have the power of dozens of travel search sites AND direct suppliers on your mobile device in the palm of your hand.  No other app provides this much choice!

Take The Opptee Challenge

Take the Opptee Challenge by searching 4 sites – we recommend 2 aggregators and 2 suppliers – for example, Expedia, Trivago, and two of your favorite hotel chains, or airlines.  Then try the same search using Opptee.

  1. Download Opptee at
  2. Select from Flights, Accommodations, Cruises, Car Rentals or Vacation Packages.
  3. Enter your travel details
  4. Hit Go and select from the list of search options
  5. Click “+ Add Sites” to add a second search option.  Repeat for as many providers as you’d like.
  6. Click “Results” to compare
  7. Under “menu”, see the Help video for further details.

It really is true – the dawn of the simple travel search is now here.


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