Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, Trivago, FareCompare, Priceline. Some travel searches cover just hotels, some just flights and some a combination of both. Many of these are biased (listing advertisers first) and many are owned by each other.

Did you know….

  • Hotels.com, Hotwire, CheapTickets, Trivago, VRBO,  VacationRentals.com, CarRentals.com, Orbitz, Homeaway, and Travelocity are owned by Expedia, Inc. Results you find on Travelocity and Expedia are practically the same. Sometimes results are identical. Sometimes you’ll notice a few additional listings on one versus the other. 
  • TripAdvisor subsidiaries include: CruiseCritic.com, BookingBuddy.com, SmarterTravel.com, SeatGuru.com, AirfareWatchdog.com, and IndependentTraveler.com.
  • Booking Holdings owns Booking.com, Priceline, Kayak, Cheapflights, RentalCars.com,  and Momondo.

Confused yet?!

Let’s stop the travel search madness!

Opptee(TM) Travel Search offers a new, easier travel search solution. It’s an all-encompassing travel search that’s uncomplicated, more thorough, impartial, and simply a faster way to comparison shop.

Opptee is a search app that differs from any other online travel search app. It is in effect a super-aggregator that consolidates information from more aggregators (like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, etc), search engines and direct suppliers (hotels, airlines) than any other travel app available today.

Opptee is uncomplicated and transparent

Some travel searches don’t show the hotel or airline directly, rather they display results from select (but limited) aggregators. The inability to directly access hotels and airlines ensures that aggregators continue to profit from referral fees. Up to 30% of hotel fees go to the aggregator who made the booking or referral. The aggregator doesn’t make money if the hotel or airline takes the reservation directly.

Opptee Travel Search accesses dozens of travel search sites including aggregators (like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak) as well as direct suppliers (like Delta, Southwest Air, Hilton, Avis).  After finding the best deal, you decide whether to book via an aggregator or direct with the supplier. No other app gives you this kind of choice and flexibility.

Opptee offers more choice

Using Opptee, you choose from a comprehensive list of search providers, aggregators, and direct suppliers. Choices cover flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages. All choices are listed alphabetically and impartially.

Few aggregators include results from private rental sites like VRBO, Airbnb, and VacationRentals.com. This is likely because rental sites have no agreements for referral fees – though this may change – with the search sites. There are also very few aggregators who include discount airlines, such as Southwest, Allegiant, Air Transat and Ryan Air in their search site options.

Opptee gives you the choice to include sites like these in your travel search, broadening your travel options.

Opptee is unbiased

Many search results presented to you by aggregators are manipulated.  Preferred suppliers/affiliates and those who pay to advertise are presented first. Those without agreements are shown at the bottom of the list or not presented at all.

Opptee lists all options in an unbiased way. All search sites under Opptee are listed impartially, alphabetically.

Opptee is faster

Using Opptee, you enter your travel details just once and choose the providers you are interested in. Opptee auto-populates the details into each site. There is no need to re-enter your travel information multiple times for each search provider you choose.

Opptee also allows you to compare options quickly without having to navigate tab to tab!

Yes, you really can stop the travel search madness. Try Opptee and experience how easy and impartial travel search can be.

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