At Opptee, our goal is to make travel search easier. Travellers spend a LOT OF TIME searching online sites looking for that best price. They also spend time downloading and installing travel apps hoping that they will provide some level of convenience. However, comparing results on multiple sites and within multiple apps can be frustrating.

Because Opptee Travel Search was developed out of a desire to improve the experience of searching for travel, we’ve spent significant time researching various sites and search statistics. Through this research, we continue to see a variety of travel search frustrations. Frustrations that can be alleviated by using Opptee. Here are several of the most common frustrations we’ve learned about from users.

Downloading multiple travel search apps to my mobile phone is time-consuming and gobbles up space that I’d rather use for other apps, music or pictures.

Using Opptee, there’s no need to download multiple travel apps. This all-in-one tool includes dozens of favorite travel search sites – from Expedia to Priceline to Delta to Marriott to Hilton and more. Using Opptee, you simply select a variety of sites to search and then compare your choices all from one place.

One-half of online searchers are still uncomfortable planning and booking travel on their mobile phone.

Source: Google Consumer Insights, 2018

Opptee offers the option of researching and booking on a variety of device mediums:  mobile phones, tablet/iPad, and Windows computer.

When searching, I like to switch back and forth between devices – between phone, tablet, PC.

Your search history is saved across devices when you create a user account with Opptee. Therefore, switching between tablet, PC, and phone is seemless.

It takes too much time to search all the travel apps and sites I’d like to.

Opptee Travel Search helps you search extensively but faster. It is the fastest way to compare travel options. It speeds-up searches by automatically inserting your trip dates and destination into the search providers YOU choose for hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals, and vacations. Just enter your travel details once, then search the sites you prefer.

I find it difficult to remember which travel sites offer the best searches.

Opptee lists the most popular search sites alphabetically, so it’s easy to search many personal favorites or scan the list to discover new ones.

How do I find the best sites to search if I’m traveling to a new location (like Europe or Asia)

Depending on the search details you entered, Opptee will list only the search aggregators and airlines for the location you are traveling to.  Pick something new and give it a try!

It’s best to compare a variety of search sites but it’s not easy toggling back and forth between them.

Comparison shopping is easier with Opptee. It’s one of Opptee’s main advantages! Just search and shortlist several options, then return to the results to compare choices. Using a mobile phone, the comparison is as easy as a left or right swipe.  Using a computer or a tablet, results can be viewed side-by-side in dual screen mode.

My searches take place over days or even weeks. Returning to older searches and comparing them to newer ones is time-consuming and sometimes not even possible.

Using Opptee’s History feature it’s easy to change your dates yet view the original search destination and dates. Simply select the original search from within History, select the search sites, and re-run the search.

It’s important for me to accumulate loyalty points on my accounts.

With Opptee, your bookings are completed directly with the provider you choose. This enables you to continue to accumulate and use existing travel reward points (like Expedia, American Air, Hilton). There’s no need to sign-up for another account.

Opptee’s Travel Search Advantage

The frustrations listed above are prevalent among online travel searches. To better understand Opptee’s advantage, here’s a look at the travel search experience using Opptee.

With Opptee, just:

  • Input travel dates and destination ONCE
  • Select a preferred site (Expedia,, Trivago, etc.), click “+ Add Site” and select another preferred site (Hilton, Sheraton, United Airlines, etc). For this example, let’s say you want to search four sites. Just repeat for the four you want to search.
  • Click “GO”.

Using Opptee is easier than opening multiple apps or multiple browser tabs! Opptee takes your search parameters and sends them to all the search providers you choose – all within the app.

Opptee gives you the option of choosing which sites to search. Why is that?

Why does Opptee let you choose?

  • Opptee offers extensive search choices – dozens of aggregators and suppliers. The complexity of opening dozens of browser windows and performing dozens of searches simultaneously requires extensive wait-time and processing capacities. To minimize processing time, Opptee lets you choose the sites you are interested in.
  • Opptee is an impartial search site covering a variety of travel searches. Opptee puts you in charge of the sites you search. You’re in control and choose your favorites.

Opptee includes a convenient History feature

Often your search takes place over days or weeks and you’ll compare multiple dates and travel destinations. Opptee saves all your searches in a History feature making it easy to re-check prices when it’s time to book.

Opptee offers price alerts

Some travel sites offer the price alerts feature, but not all do. Opptee can set alerts on all the search sites you use. Just Click on the price notification (bell) icon in the upper right corner, select ‘+’ sign and ‘ok’.

Opptee’s wide-ranging options ensure that your search for the best deal is comprehensive. It helps ensure that more choices are revealed! THAT’s the Opptee advantage!

Start using it now. Just Download Opptee Travel Search to your phone, tablet or Windows computer. Then follow the steps in this learning video (1:31min).

Opptee* Travel Search

The Only Travel Search App You Will Ever Need

*Opptee is a unique product that advocates all travel search sites therefore can offer impartial travel search advice. At Opptee Travel Search, we strive to achieve two goals: Offer the best travel tips to help you maneuver through the hurdles while planning a trip and while on-the-go. And, to offer comprehensive, unbiased search options so you can find the deal that is best for you.

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