When is the best time to book travel? Is it best to book six or more months ahead or best to book last minute? That topic is ever controversial and continues to provide analysis and opinions. Though we’re often encouraged to book months in advance, booking travel on-the-go is now gaining acceptance.

Trekksoft’s 2018 Travel Trends Report indicates that “2 in 5 bookings made on the day or 2 days before a trip.” As well, “Many of these bookings take place in-destination, while consumers are already traveling. Only 19 of these activities were booked more than a month in advance.”

So what’s the allure of booking on-the-road as you go?

  1. Booking last minute offers the spontaneity to stay in a location or in a hotel you’ve completely fallen for. It also offers the opportunity to book an activity or restaurant that the locals have recommended.


2. If it’s a hotel or area you’ve decided to stay in, then it’s a place that you’ve had the chance to preview in person before making the reservation. You can get a sense if it’s a safe area before committing.

3. Last minute hotel and activity bookings can end up being less expensive. For instance, the prime goal for hotels is to get to 100% occupancy every night. If you arrive as a walk-in and the inn has rooms, you may be offered or may be able to negotiate a better rate. For instance, approach the front desk, ask their rate and say you’re ‘shopping around’. Also, when checking in, ask if the hotel is booked that night. If not, it’s a good chance to ask for a room upgrade. They’re more likely to give it if you know they have spare rooms.

4. You save time. Rather than spending hours researching the best of this or best of that, you are forced to make faster decisions and are also less apt to second guess yourself.

5. By booking an entire trip on short notice, it’s less likely you’ll experience sudden reasons why you can’t go. For instance, if you book six months in advance, you may experience a health issue or family crisis between the time you book and departure date.

6. Booking on-the-go has never been easier now that we carry mobile phones and tablets. There are also a wider array of travel apps and online resources available to us. For instance, Opptee Travel Search compares prices by accessing the largest number of the most popular travel sites from within one app. It speeds-up searches by offering a list of  search providers you choose for hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals, and vacations.

So go ahead – try booking parts of your vacation last minute while you’re on-the-go. You might just find it’s exhilarating, time-saving and more economical.

Happy Travels!

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