We’re traveling more than ever before and that travel bug is shared over the generations – Millennials, Boomers, and GenXers. Our fascination with cultures, local experiences, and beautiful scenery is an insatiable quest. But we also know that travel isn’t cheap and one of the largest trip expenses is accommodations.

Thankfully, lower cost options like Airbnb, Couchsurfing, house exchanges and hostels have become good alternatives to hotels. Millennial travelers are significantly more open to trying non-traditional options for international travel, for instance, rental homes (25% vs. 3% Boomers). Millennials also crave adventure with 75% indicating a desire to live like a local while traveling. Source, AARP, page 18, 19. These trends are among many reasons that hostels are fast gaining popularity.

The quality of hostels has improved considerably in the past 30 years. What used to be bare bones, commune-type places have become clean, safe, popular alternatives. Reserving hostels has also changed. You used to have to call or stop into a hostel to find a room. Now hostels can be reserved on search sites like Expedia and hostel specialty sites like HostelWorld.com. Many hotel chains are jumping on the trend and offering small, but well-designed, cost-effective rooms. Marriott’s Moxy and Accor hotels are two of those chains.

There are lots of unique and sought-after hostel experiences, so we decided to take a look at the best of the best hostels by category for this year.

Best hostels for women

Women are traveling more than ever and often traveling solo, preferring to stay in lower priced hostels. Women are choosy and look for hostels that are very clean and that offer good eating facilities or good food. However, most important for solo women is the safety factor. Hostels need to be in a safe area and offer a safe haven for spending the night.

  • Base Magnetic Island, Australia is on an island off Queensland, surrounded by The Great Barrier Reef, rainforest, and beaches! In this hostel, women can choose a female sanctuary dorm. The hostel boasts a busy bar, an onsite café serving all day, and Full Moon Down Under Parties. You can also bring your own tent and camp for a fee.
  • In London, Paris, and Rome, European hostel brand, Generator, offers female-only dorms or private spaces for women.

This article counts down the top 10 list of best hostels for women in 2019.

LGBTQ hostels

  • If staying in Venice in a former monastery with a canal view appeals to you, then look at the We Crociferi. This 5-star hostel is centrally located near Rialto and main walking streets of Venice.
  • Palmers Lodges Swiss Cottage in London is to date, a triple award winner for 2019. Hotels.com, Hostel Geeks and Hostels.com all rank it as a best bet. Swiss Cottage offers 24-hour reception and security, continental breakfast, a central location, an on-site bar, and parking.

More details and discount information listed in this Hostel Geeks article.


Remote hostels

  • Some of the most remote hostels can also be some of the most beautiful and that’s the case at Smugglers Cove Beach Resort, in Fiji. It’s an upscale hostel that’s on the popular beach, Wailoaloa, and 15 minutes from the airport and from Nadi Town.
  • The hostel at Cape Wrath is the UK’s northernmost hostel located in north Scotland. Perched on a 300-foot cliff beside the Cape Wrath Lighthouse, Cape Wrath Lodge bunkhouse sleeps 8 people. There is a 24-hour café onsite.

Unique hostels

  • Yudanaka Seifu-So hostel is near Snowy Monkey Park in Nagano, Japan. Snowy Monkey Park is native to Japanese Macaques monkeys that like to soak in the natural hot springs located in the park. So if natural hot springs appeal to you, then taking a dip with a monkey may offer the unique experience you’re after.
  • Or maybe you’d prefer to stay in an old jail cell. If so, check out the Celica Art Hostel in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Every room is a converted cell designed by a different artist. Some rooms still have the bars on doors.
  • The Chili Kiwi Lakefront hostel features hobbit-themed cylinder rooms and two treehouse rooms. Located at Villarrica Lake in Chili, nearby activities center around the lake, a volcano, and hot springs.

Luxury hostels

Luxury hostels are gaining traction with all generations and especially with Baby Boomers. These ‘poshtels’ include amenities like you see in hotels, such as cocktails, free wifi, big screen TVs and specialty coffees. Some also offer private rooms and en-suite facilities.

  • De Casa in Sao Paulo, Brazil is an example of an upscale hostel calling itself a hostel, bar, and café.


Traveling with Pets

  • If you like to travel with your dog, then The Ginger Monkey is the perfect hostel for you and Fido. It’s in the village of Zdiar in the High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia. Breakfast and all day tea/coffee are included. They have several dorms, a large shared kitchen, and a lounge.


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