It’s a world where we’ve become vacation researchers and planners. How many sites do you search when looking for vacation deals? Do you compare prices between vacation sites and then aggregator sites?  How many hours do you spend searching?

According to Expedia Media Solutions, the average online travel search includes 38 site visits. Amadeus Online 2020 Travel reports we typically conduct 50 online searches in our quest to find the best travel options.


Source: Amadeus Online Travel 2020

If you would like to search just as thoroughly but faster, try OppteeTM Travel Search. With Opptee, your search is faster, easier and more thorough!

Opptee is a travel search app that compares prices by accessing the largest number of the most popular travel sites from within one app. It speeds-up searches by automatically inserting your trip dates and destination into the search providers you choose for hotels, flights, cruises, car rentals, and vacation packages. With Opptee, you can easily browse and compare more sites faster and the more sites you search, the better vacation deals you’ll find! 

But don’t take our word for it. Try yourself by taking the Opptee vacation-search challenge. First search the way you usually do and then re-try the same search using Opptee. The time you take trying the test will more than make up for the time you save searching future vacations.

First, try a typical Vacation Package Search

Finding vacation packages that best suit you usually involves: 

  1. Checking one or two aggregator sites like Expedia and Travelocity. Now you’ve got a good idea of the package options and price range.
  2. Searching vacation charter specialists like Air Transat or Sunwing.
  3. Searching an entertainment deals site like
  4. Searching the vacation sites directly. For instance Apple Vacations or TripCentral.
  5. Now that you’ve searched these, you need to re-open the various tabs visited. On a mobile device toggling between your options and previous screens isn’t always easy.
  6. Finally,  you’ve found what you like best and can make the booking.

That’s one of the most thorough ways to find best options and prices for vacation packages, however, every time you viewed a new site, you had to re-enter your travel dates. If you searched on your mobile, you may have downloaded each vacation provider’s app onto your device.

Opptee offers a better search option. It acts like a super-aggregator of sorts enabling you to easily access favorite search sites from a single app that lists the best vacation sites and aggregators. The Opptee app also remembers your travel dates and destinations and auto-populates them into each search.

Now, try the same search using Opptee

  1. Download Opptee
  2. Opptee-vacation-package-flight-hotel-search-options

    Opptee vacations search: flights+hotels

    From the Opptee dial, select Vacation Packages from the center of the dial,  and input your details once. Press ‘Go’ (or ‘Continue’ on Windows)

  3. Select Aggregator 1, select ‘+’ and choose Aggregator 2.
  4. Continue through selecting vacation charter specialists and vacation sites – using the same steps as the first search scenario above.  Just click the ‘+’ each time you want to add another search provider.
  5. After choosing several provider options, select ‘Results’ to re-visit the sites you short-listed.
  6. Now you have all the information you need to book the package you like best. No need to create another account as you book directly with the provider. This allows you to use or continue to accumulate travel points.

Using Opptee, you really can easily browse and compare more sites faster and the more sites you search, the better deals you’ll find! 


*Note: None of the companies or products listed here have contacted us, paid or requested we mention them. All references are entirely the result of Opptee research.*

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