Must confess, I’m a sucker for those I’ll-be-home-for-the-holidays videos.

Maybe it’s because there’s a happy ending to the story or maybe we identify with on-the-road loneliness or maybe it’s the music used in the heart-tugging ads. Whatever the reason, it touches a cord and we thought it festive to conjure up a few favorites we’ve come to enjoy through the years.

1. Canada’s Westjet airline creates unique Christmas ads year after year. This is one of my favorites.


2. Finnair’s 2015 flashmob at Helsinki airport.


3. This year marks 22 years Coca Cola’s been hitting an emotional chord for road warriors.


4. Not to be outdone by air travel, Antwerp train station created this flashmob. 2015, I believe.


5. And another Westjet ad. 12,000 worldwide mini miracles.


6. Finally, this year’s new favorite – Heathrow and British Air continue their traveling teddy bear theme. Enjoy the nostalgic music with this one.

If we missed one of your favorite home-for-the- holiday travel ads, just leave a Comment below with your suggestion – to share the joy.

Happy Holidays!

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