It’s that time of year again; when airports, airlines, corporations, and artists compete to capture your attention with memorable holiday songs, flash mobs or mass holiday giving. Last year, we collected a list of heart-warming holiday videos for readers to enjoy and this year, we decided to go back in time to find more home-for-the-holidays videos.  Enjoy!

  1. According to ad-lore, this was one of the first flash mob videos performed on New Years Eve 2010 by a performing arts group called “Living the Dream”.


2.   Amazon Christmas Advert – Give a little bit 2017


3.      And not to forget classic music lovers, this one’s from Cologne airport:


4.      An upbeat message for the season.


5.      Last year I was disappointed when Vistaprint stopped using this Christmas ad. I hope they bring it back eventually…


6.      Ending with one of the best flash mob videos edited together from many mob videos. ELO’s all over the world

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