At Opptee Travel Search, we are passionate about and strive to achieve two goals:

  1. To offer comprehensive, unbiased search options so you can book best travel choices, and
  2. To offer lesser-known tips to help maneuver through all phases of travel receiving what you’re eligible for while on-the-go.

Number one is ongoing and that’s why Opptee exists. Number two is an offshoot and we continue to advocate for travelers by offering little-known information.

As I prepared to fly recently, I realized there were a number of Opptee flight lists I wanted to have easy access to so I could reference while in transit.

Ok, that’s easy to do. Here it is, a list that includes links to five checklists you may need while en-route. Just bookmark this blog for need-to-know flight reference info.

  1. Luggage Lost and Found. This article lists the best ways to avoid losing checked bags and if your bags are lost, lists key actions to take.
  2. Need to Know for Delayed or Canceled Flights. This one details steps to follow when you need to quickly reschedule onto another flight or you need to receive a refund.
  3. When to ask the Airline for an Expense Voucher. If your flight is delayed, be sure to ask or search online to find out if you’re eligible for a meal, hotel or ground transportation voucher.
  4. Need to Give up your Seat for a flight voucher?  This blog lists the questions to ask about flight vouchers. Before agreeing to and signing for any amount, these are things to consider.
  5. 7 easy ways to stay healthy while traveling

As we continue to add more flight reference lists to our blog page, I will continue to add the most useful new links to this article.

Happy Travels!


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